Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reducing Head Count The Smart Way

Recent head lines have focused on law firms slashing fee earners from their ranks. Some firms have cut up to 20 lawyers. The demand for 'more for less' is gaining pace in the Australian legal industry and it's effect is having a direct impact on how firms operate.

business process outsourcingA new age of law firm has well and truly entered the market, headed by young lawyers with experience in the the UK and US. They also possess a dedication to technology, previously unseen in the legal industry. As we and our clients believe, technology will pave the way for law firms of the future.

A reduction in back office staff is the key to law firms becoming well oiled machines.

So the decision is up to you. 

Legal process outsourcing services include transcription, paralegal and legal secretarial work.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Digital World

New law firms and young lawyers are the future of the legal industry. The below link is an article explaining the difficulties the legal industry faces in Australia. 

The driving force underlying all of this is technology. Technology has invaded every element of legal practice. The mentioned article, "Waking Up To Ourselves", is a candid commentary on the landscape law firms must strive to adapt to and perform in. 

Legal process outsourcing is mentioned as an undeniable force to be reckoned with. The level of involvement by LPO providers is still being experimented with. Low level processes are the first to be looked at and outsourcing transcription can be an ideal introduction to a new way of doing business.

With transcription legal the positive effects will be realised immediately. Ultimately, less people to manage and employ means more profits.

Transcription Australia is a vital key law firms must adopt before competitors advance a head too far. Smaller law firms and new firms are already catching up.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Medical Transcription For Australian Specialists, Doctors and Medical Researchers

The continued advancement of our BPO services has allowed us to forge ahead of other transcription providers in Australia. Our transcription services are high quality because they have to be. We provide transcription services to medical professionals all over Australia, including researchers within the medical industry.

Transcription outsourcing is the quickest way to complete your digital recordings and stay on top of your working life.

Contact us in regards to medical transcription.

LPO EZY is a provider of transcription Australia.

Legal Transcription Australia

LPO EZY offers the Australian legal industry specialised transcription services. Start-up law firms can make use of casual transcriptionists or full time employees, having contact with them via the cost of a local Sydney call. 

Transcription Australia has never been so accessible and affordable. By adopting outsourced transcription services law firms will realise immediate benefits.

Contact us to implement efficiency into your firm. Don't worry abut licences and dealing with installation.Transcription has never been so easy and legal transcription is not at your finger tips.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Australian Transcription Services

Digital dictation devices provide us with better efficiency in turning your recorded speech into typed words. Technology has gifted these devices to us. When they first came out, there was resistance as usual, and very quickly this resistance to change was trampled.

What still remains today of the old tape recorder days are the typists or, now, commonly known as transcriptionists. Companies have sprung up in Australia who deal in transcribing digital audio, but, unfortunately even their days are numbered as consumers once again look to technology for answers.

That answer is here and it lies in outsourcing. Transcription outsourcing with EZY Transcription is the answer to a law firms backlog of typing jobs
and it is the answer to medical practitioners getting their reports out on time.

Contact us to outsource your transcription and put in place solid foundations on which your business can grow.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Transcription Services

LPO EZY offers transcription services to the legal industry. Our expertise in this field has seen other industries seek our outsourcing services in relation to digital transcription.

Medico-legal and the medical industry including researchers are return customers for our transcription.

If you are a law firm or in the medical industry and are looking for ways to get work done with improved efficiency, as well reduced costs, contact us. We help all businesses to be more successful. Our full range of services will open your eyes up to what your business is capable of.

EZY Transcription provides quality legal transcription and medical transcription.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Online Transcription

online transcription service
EZY Transcription is an online transcription service. It is a sub branch of the LPO provider LPO EZY. We specialise in providing legal process outsourcing to Australian law firms.
Why use our transcription services over another transcription company?

We provide business support to law firms and businesses all over Australia. The legal industry requires high standards and strict guidelines as to how work is outsourced. We perform at this level of professionalism gaining the trust of lawyers, medical professionals, law firms and hospitals. Our streamlined processes allow us to deliver services cheaper and faster than others who carry out transcription as a sole service.

How do I set up?
Our legal transcription services extend to medical transcription and other type of transcription as long as it is recorded digitally. Files can be uploaded to us via our secure website or sent to us by email.
Law firms employ dedicated dict-typists.

Our services are provided on a casual basis, part time or full time in the case of law firms and medical professionals.

Contact us to find out more and boost your profits.